Snoh Aalegra Longs For More Than A ‘Situationship’ And Reveals ‘Ugh, those feels again’ Cover Art & Tracklist

Snoh Aalegra‘s back with a new single, “Situationship,” and judging by the sound of things, she still has love on the brain, even when it’s complicated.

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Just as the title suggests, Aalegra is caught up in that gray area between being in a relationship and just hooking up. Try as she might to keep things simple, she ultimately admits that she is catching feelings and doesn’t know what to do about it. “So tell me how to resist what we have when it feels right / The moments that I’m with you‚ I forget about the issues / Too many times you and I made love in my mind / The truth is that I miss you, no way I can forget you now‚” she ponders. It’s an uncomfortable place to find oneself in and Aalegra captures the vulnerability that comes along with openly owning up to your feelings.

The P2J-produced track presents a slight departure from the classic soul sounds that Aalegra is best known for. Instead, she seemingly jumps several decades ahead with a more contemporary, hip-hop-influenced sound. “Situationship” follows “I Want You Around,” “You” and “Find Someone Like You,” and is the fourth single to come from her upcoming album, Ugh, those feels again, due out August 16th. The singer recently revealed the album’s tracklist (viewable below with the cover art), showing production from the likes of No I.D.D’MileManeeshDoctor O and Steve Wyreman. Ugh, those feels again is currently available for pre-save and pre-order on various digital music platforms.

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