Masego Celebrates Black Beauty In ‘Queen Tings’

Black is always beautiful and that goes doubly for our beautiful black sistas who make looking gorgeous on a regular basis look effortless. We here at SoulBounce will take whatever chance we can get to celebrate black girl magic, so you know that Masego‘s “Queen Tings” has been one track that gets heavy play around SBHQ. Now that the singer/rapper/multi-instrumentalist has renewed our interest in the song thanks to his hilarious Tiny Desk appearance, he’s gone and given us a video for the song that reminds us of the beauty of the Motherland.

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At first look, the clip could’ve been lifted directly from Beyoncé‘s recent “Spirit” video. The clip even starts off with a Lion King-esque roar before giving us stunning visuals of natural landscapes. When it’s not reminding us of the Pride Lands, the video shows off a multitude of black beauties in all their beautiful shades and stunning glory. Also joining him in the savanna is featured artist Tiffany Gouché, who stands in the sun as she praises her black queens for all that they do.

In a world that often tries to keep a black woman down, it’s nice to have a song like “Queen Tings” to build them up and a video that shows just how beautiful they can be regardless of hue. Join Masego and Tiffany in celebrating the royalty in our lives by watching the video for “Queen Tings” below.

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