Things Get Topsy-Turvy For KYLE & Teyana Taylor In ‘F You I Love You’

According to Shakespeare, love is a many-splendored thing. What the bard failed to mention is that it’s also often a pain in the you-know-what. Our modern-day scribes have no problem in pointing that little factoid out, though. The latest to do it in song form is none other than rapper/singer KYLE and our fave Teyana Taylor, who have partnered for the former’s new single and video “F You I Love You.”

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The titular “F” stands for exactly what you think as the song depicts KYLE and Teyana going back and forth between love and hate over the course of four minutes. The track deals with just how dysfunctional things can get when two people really love each other. The two take turns airing their grievances with one another. However, just as soon as they say something negative, they find themselves naming exactly why they love each other over the sweet strains on guitar.

They take the concept even further in the song’s colorful video (both in language and hue). They’re pictured in their apartment wearing coordinating outfits. However, you quickly realize that where they are sitting and standing aren’t where they’re supposed to be. As a matter of fact, everything is topsy-turvy as the two stand on walls and sit on ceilings while hashing things out. The chemistry between the two, who are real-life friends, is quite believable though as they bounce off each other while performing the song’s heartfelt lyrics.

If you’ve ever hated that you love somebody, then “F You I Love You” might just be the soundtrack that you need. Watch KYLE and Teyana Taylor be super duper cute in the video for the track below.

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