Gallant Gets Ginuwine To Star In ‘Sleep On It’ Video

Remember when we said Gallant was channeling late ‘90s/2000s R&B vibes on his new single “Sleep On It?” Well, apparently he didn’t want the homage to stop there. Our boy has enlisted ’90s R&B heartthrob Ginuwine to play the male lead in the video for the track. While our first choice might have been Tyrese, as he’s not too shabby of an actor and the track does feel reminiscent of his song, “How You Gonna Act Like That?,” we feel like Gallant made a great choice going with a fellow DMV dude and this particular TGT member instead.

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“In Columbia, MD where I grew up it was so natural for me to turn on the radio and hear a bunch of different shades of early-to-mid 2000s R&B,” Gallant told FADER. “As soon as I finished the record, I knew the video had to have that exact energy, starring someone who pioneered that sound — I instantly saw the whole video in my head. It was a little bit of a shot in the dark but then I hit up Ginuwine in the DMs, let him know about the record, then we talked about being from Maryland and the new state of R&B and everything just came together — it was surreal how well it all worked out,” he shared about bonding with legendary crooner and the video coming together.

The clip opens with Ginuwine sitting alone on the steps to a luxurious modern home, using what looks be a Motorolla KRZR (remember them?) to call his boo. She finally arrives hours later, walking right past the “Pony” singer as if he doesn’t exist. The old school video titles flash on the screen and then we see Gallant casually walk on screen in his best white party leisure suit. Throughout the clip, Gallant plays musical narrator as Ginuwine goes from fussing and fighting with his lady to finally making up. There are a number of throwback elements throughout the clip, which you’ll probably have to watch a few times to spot them all.

Kudos to Gallant for tapping Ginuwine to star in “Sleep On It.” It’s dope to see new school and old school artists coming together to show that it’s not about competition, it’s about collaboration. That’s what kings do. We’ll wait to see if these two decide to work on anything else together, but we do know that “Sleep On It” will be featured on Gallant’s long-awaited sophomore album, Sweet Insomnia, due in stores on October 25th.

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