Chris Brown & Gunna Drip So Hard In ‘Heat’

Chris Brown and Gunna’s “Heat” has been getting some major burn on urban radio, with the trap-n-B collaboration showcasing the multi-talented performer and the up-and-coming rapper. To keep the momentum going and all eyes on him, Breezy has released a video for the song, and, as expected, the visual features lots of women and some impressive dance moves.

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Produced by Buddah Bless, “Heat” is an R&B slow jam with trap drums that pick up the pace. On the track, Chris brags about his “drip” and how it’s got the ladies on his tip. “You likin’ what you see / Everything designer, that’s on me, uh,” he sings on the first verse before getting romantic on the chorus, singing, “This drip got you in heat / Just jump in, baby girl, hop on this d**k, yeah.” Subtlety is out the window as Brown’s game is extremely forward. The same goes for his compadre Gunna, who knows that his fashions and his ice have one young lady, “Super wet, her juice is runnin’ down her knee.” A far, far cry from “Excuse Me, Miss,” the track’s groove is so infectious you probably won’t pay that close attention to the lyrical content – for better or worse.

For the music video co-directed by Edgar Esteves and Brown himself, Chris and Gunna play clerks at the exclusive fashion boutique INDIGO. There are swarms of young women waiting outside to be let in the store to try on everything the duo has to offer. Meanwhile, the fellas are scheming on ways to get their customers undressed. While that action is going on and they’re trying to get some action in the dressing rooms, Chris is seen in other scenes suited, booted and breaking out his best GQ poses and dance moves against the percolating production.

To see more of Chris Brown’s fancy moves, peep him on his INDIGOAT Tour with supporting acts Tory Lanez, Ty Dolla $ign, Joyner Lucas and Yella Beezy.

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