SoulBounce Exclusive: Sidibe Takes Us To A ‘Place For You And I’

Sidibe has spent the majority of 2019 being pretty prolific. While we’ll never question getting exquisite newness from one of our favorite singers, we did wonder why she was gracing us with so much amazing new music. Well, now we know that she is preparing her new EP Reckless Abandon for release. We’re sure you’re just as excited as we are about the prospect. But here’s a little something else to get excited about: SoulBounce is proud to premiere Sidibe’s latest single, a breezy new track called “Place For You And I.”

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On her latest effort, Sidibe takes it nice an easy with the delightfully tranquil track, which is produced by frequent collaborator Nico Stadi. Syncopated drums give it a slight bossa nova feel that’s accentuated by an airy, expressive arrangement that includes guitar, bass and Sidibe’s gorgeous backing vocals that make this one feel like walking along a beach as the tide rolls in. Lyrically, though, Sidibe is in a bit of turmoil. Like “Hold Your Breath” before it, Sidibe finds herself in the impossible situation of falling in love with someone she isn’t promised to. Torn between what’s right and what her mind, body and heart want, she’s unsure how to move forward. “My soul says to feed it / My body it needs it,” she sings of her contradicting emotions. “There’s no way to cheat it / It’s a sin / Don’t give into it.” What’s a girl supposed to do?

Though she doesn’t come to a solid resolution about what to do by song’s end, she does wrap things up quite nicely and leaves us looking forward to what she’s going to be bringing next. You can listen to “Place For You And I” below and pick up your own copy of the track from your digital retailer of choice. Look for Reckless Abandon to arrive later this month.

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