Watch Durand Bernarr As He Skates ‘Around’ His Issues

We always knew that Durand Bernarr was a star, and it looks like the world at large will also get on board as he competes on BET’s new music competition show The Next Big Thing. Just in case you weren’t in the know about the talented singer, he finally gives us a video from his 2016 EP Sound Check with the official clip for his jam “Around.”

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While “Around” is a jazzy R&B tune about wanting just a bit of alone time in a relationship, Durand makes the video all about him in the best way possible. It opens with the singer/songwriter skating on a mostly empty set with a makeshift psychiatrist’s office sitting in the middle of things. Soon, he’s laid out on the chaise and scatting his feelings to a doctor as she takes notes. This scene is intercut with shots of himself, a  fly looking fellow and a couple and child (who could represent him and his parents) sitting in an old-school VW bug and home videos of baby Durand and his parents. Essentially, we’re spending time inside the artist’s very own psyche as he works through a few issues through his art.

While Durand Bernarr is always good for dropping a loose single or two whenever the mood strikes him, we’d love to get a full-length follow up to Sound Check whenever he’s ready. Until then, we’re content with following his glow up on The Next Big Thing and watching him do the damn thing in “Around” — which you can see for yourself below.

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