Cassie Offers Her ‘Moments’ & Gives Us No ‘Excuses’

Though she’s been in the news as of late thanks to her breakup with longtime beau Diddy and her recently announced pregnancy with new boo Alex FineCassie hasn’t been pretty quiet on the music front. It looks like pregnancy has sparked something creative in the singer, though. In recent weeks she has dropped not one but two new singles, “Moments” and “Excuses” — each exploring different sounds and giving us an idea of where the singer might be headed artistically.

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The first new joint, “Moments,” is actually a cover of The Code‘s song of the same name. Cassie does very little to change what was already laid down. The electronic thump of kick drums, wavy production and vocal distortion are all still there. However, the song coming from a female perspective gives it a bit of a fresh spin. Not to mention, Cassie’s take once again shows her ability to ride out a groove and make it her own. Speaking of her own, “Excuses” is an original track that finds the singer singing over a more soulful groove. Producing duo Chris N Teeb lace Miss Ventura nicely on the track, led by a thick bass line that’s accented by lilting guitar and a stuttering drum beat. Meanwhile, Cassie gets a little raw with lyrics that could possibly maybe be inspired by her ex. “I gotta care about myself more than I have been / Because I just can’t go on being your air / If I can’t breathe / I can’t be your strength / If I don’t take care of me,” she sings on the song’s chorus.

Both new tracks are pretty strong efforts from Cassie and have us wondering what she’s got coming other than her impending bundle of joy. Guess we’ll find out soon enough. Until then, check out both “Moments” and “Excuses” below.

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