The Shindellas School Us On Romance With ‘It Wasn’t Really Love’

The Shindellas have kinda carved a nice little niche for themselves. Not only does the trio of gorgeous ladies sound amazing together over their old soul-inspired originals, they also offer some of the best sisterly advice about romance. They already told us the tell-tale signs of a dog with their fantastic track “Ain’t That The Truth.” Now the ladies are breaking down what love is and what it isn’t on their newest release “It Wasn’t Really Love.”

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The Masters of three-part harmony mix the soulfulness off Motown-era girl groups with En Vogue‘s sass as they spell out what love should really feel like. “If it ain’t feelin’ cool and breezy / I tell you if he don’t it make it nice and easy,” they sing on the chorus. “You’re only wasting your precious time, believe me / It wasn’t really love.” In addition to that bit of sage advice, the ladies also put an emphasis on finding self-love in the process. A spoken word outro encourages women to be their own “masterpiece” and find their own peace in the process.

When they aren’t giving viable dating advice to all the ladies out there, The Shindellas can be found out on the road. They’re currently on the Love Takeover Tour with Louis York, which kicked off this past Friday. The remaining dates and ticket info can be found on the group’s website. But before you rush on over to pick up your tickets, listen to The Shindellas’ latest musical lesson below.

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