SoulBounce Exclusive: The Goods Are Ready For Good Times With 'Let's Roll'

Photo Credit: Marcus Coblyn

We don't know about you, but now that the official start of summer is nearly here, we're feeling good and feeling great. Of course, we'd be feeling even better if we had a soundtrack to go along with the good times and sunny vibes that are sure to come. Enter Australian outfit The Goods. The trio has been lighting up the scene Down Under with their infectious blend of funk, soul and pop and are back on the block with their new track "Let's Roll," which we here at SoulBounce are more than happy to exclusively bring to you now.

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The fellas have added a new live element to their already amazing sound and the addition proves to be a fruitful one on the track. A looped vocal sample kicks things off and sets the mood, but its the additional elements — a funky bass line, jammin' rhythm guitar and lush harmonies — that really set things off. Vocalist Black Tree joins in the fray with a delivery reminiscent of a raspy version of Jamiroquai's Jay Kay as he encourages the listener to pack up and get ready to revel in the good times that are soon to come. They also invite fellow musician Touch Sensitive to the party, who infuses the track with some of his nu-disco sensibilities to make this an all-out  jam that will have you moving and grooving all summer long.

"'Let’s Roll' is an invitation to follow intuition," the trio said about the song. "If mood is a choice and happiness is a state of mind, then why not choose it?"

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Go ahead and catch some of these good vibes when you give the exclusive premiere of "Let's Roll" a spin below.

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