Rihanna Goes 'Day Drinking' With Seth Meyers & Pours Out The Laughs

Photo Credit: Jon Pack

Most of us will probably never be able to go drinking with Rihanna. Fortunately, Seth Meyers blessed us with the next best thing: watching him go "Day Drinking" with Rihanna. A popular segment of his show, Late Night with Seth Meyers, the late-night host got sloshed with the “Pour It Up” singer at The Jane Hotel. And man, do they pour it up.

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The clip started with Seth and Rihanna drinking a boilermaker. Rihanna asserted her dominance by chugging the whole beer in one go before they headed over to the bar. Seth got his mixologist on and made a series of drinks based on his favorite Rihanna songs. With the names “Under my rum-brella,” “Diamonds in the Rye,” “We Found Veuve in a Hostess Place” and “Bitch Better Have My Bunny,” each drink and its ingredients was more ridiculous than the next, but they both took 'em all to the head.

While Meyers got white girl wasted, Rihanna was barely tipsy as she revealed what she would do if she ever gave up music and gave Seth relationship advice and a Fenty Beauty makeover. By the end of the segment, Seth was gone, badly serenading Rih with her hit song “Work” and jumping on furniture. It was just as foolish and amazing as it sounds.

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This whole clip was something we didn’t know we needed until we watched it. And yet, don’t we always need more Rihanna? Too bad it’s not another album. But the world’s wealthiest female musician says she’s in the middle of a relationship and is giving her boo and their new thang some time while she's making money moves. While we impatiently wait for a musical peep from the singer, Rihanna’s colorful commentary and GIF-ready reactions are more than enough to satisfy our craving for the Caribbean queen.

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