Steve Lacy Leaves Little To The Imagination In His 'Outro Freestyle' Video

The Internet's Steve Lacy has always been open and honest about the duality of his sexuality. In fact, the openly bisexual singer/producer revealed in a recent interview that the topic is one of the central themes of his upcoming debut album, Apollo XXI. "It's basically my journey, my sexuality. But in a very fun and witty way it's not really that serious, it's not super sad," he explained. "I think it's my journey, it's an expression of how I feel right now."

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His unique take on his journey is front-and-center of his latest video and single, the short-and-sweet "Outro Freestyle." Clocking in at under two minutes, the clip wastes no time getting down to the nitty-gritty, which here is a hot and heavy makeout session. The likely NSFW clip features a tight shot of Lacy and singer Abra locked in what might be the most lustful kiss we've seen in a music video in a long time. As their tongues dance in-and-out of each other's mouths, Lacy sings "Rolex on my wristwatch / Bitch, I’m Chris Rock / All these niggas always hatin’ me / But they binge-watch / I should have a show on Netflix / That their friends watch.”

Then just as we began to wonder if it was hot in here or just us, the shot switches to reveal Lacy, fast asleep and spooning with Abra, on a set of hot pink sheets. She rouses him from what was surely on its way to becoming a wet dream to gently admonish him for getting into her personal space before both drift back off to sleep.

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The song is the latest taken from the upcoming Apollo XXIwhich is set to drop later this week on May 24th. To celebrate the event, Lacy will be throwing an album release celebration that same day at Compton/Woodley Airport from 12 p.m. - 4 p.m. He's even making sure his fans will have no trouble getting to-and-from the event by offering 21% off LYFT rides with a special code. Get into this steamy video but be forewarned: you might want to keep a bottle of water handy to quench your thirst when you're finished.

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