SoulBounce Exclusive: Sy Smith Joins Forces With B.Slade To Give Us A Different ‘Perspective’

First, Sy Smith impressed with last year’s Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete. We couldn’t say enough lovely things about the set, which was produced, written and sung entirely by Sy herself. Then the talented singer-songwriter went and kicked things up a notch with Sometimes A Rose Will Get A Remix, which features the tracks from the album remixed and reimagined by a who’s who of producers who put altogether new spins on the songs. Of course, with something that fly, you have to take a moment to strut your stuff and flaunt. Sy does just that in the video for “Perspective (DTLA-Pico Remix),” which features her hanging with B.Slade — and SoulBounce has got the exclusive world premiere of the fun visual.

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The remix mixes hip-hop swag and R&B vibes into the jazzy swing of the track, taking us back to the ’90s with its infectious new groove. Likewise, the video is reminiscent of the fun had in videos from that era. We see Sy stomping the streets of LA as she bops to the tune. B. Slade, meanwhile, keeps it eccentric as he styles and profiles as he sings and then eventually lets off a hot 16 while keeping it all good in the ‘hood.

“Honestly, this whole endeavor (the remix project) was spurred by B.Slade,” Sy said in a statement. “He called me one day, quite out of the blue and asked if he could do a remix to ‘Perspective.’ He said he really loved the song, loved what I was doing musically/artistically/lyrically and he just wanted to put a spin on this tune. So I sent him the a cappellas. Next thing I know, he emailed me these crazy, hot remixes (yes, he did more than one!) and I was thinking that I really should do a whole album of remixes. Kinda throwing it back to that ’90s era of remixing in R&B, ya know?”

She continued, “I reached out to several producers for very specific types of remixes (deep house, reggae, soulful house, neo-soul) and they all returned some fierce interpretations. The album Sometimes A Rose Will Get A Remix was completed. But you can’t allude to the ’90s without doing a video, right? So B.Slade and I teamed up with Hustlecake to shoot this – and our chemistry was just so natural and cool together. It all worked out like magic – Black Girl Magic.”

This video is definitely magical and has us ready to bump the track all summer long. Check out Sy Smith and B.Slade doing the damn thing in the video for “Perspective (DTLA- Pico Remix)” and be sure to pick up both Sometimes A Rose Will Grow From Concrete and Sometimes A Rose Will Get A Remix, which are available for purchase now.

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