Masego Works His Magic In 'Tadow'

The slang word "tadow" has been given more life by multi-talented musician Masego, who used it as an exclamation mark to end every line of his song “Tadow.” Now, after Masego and FKJ originally released a one-take video for “Tadow” two years ago, the song gets a second wind with the official music video.

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Directed by Joe Weil, the "Tadow" visual tells the story of Masego courting a young lady, with everything in the universe working in their favor. The video starts with an official definition of the word: "Expressing the inexplicable synchronicity of human life and the sublime experiences of subjectivity and wonder that English language cannot adequately describe."

After getting the meaning of the term out of the way, we transition to a scene of Masego cruising in a white convertible, passing by random signs with the word written across them. He ends up at bar staring at a lady sitting at the end. Masego sneaks a message over to the young lady by way of a waitress, which, of course, reads, “Tadow.” After seeing him make his move, we watch as the two go on a date and get to know each other better, as everything in the world, good and bad, plays to their favor.

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Watch Masego bring “Tadow” to life, and if you've been sleeping you can find the track on his debut album, Lady Lady.

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