Hell Hath No Fury Like Jhené Aiko Scorned On ‘Triggered (freestyle)’

Jhené Aiko is pouring her feelings – and anger – into her new music. For her first release of 2019, she drops the track “Triggered (freestyle),” and she’s big mad at an ex. Given the song’s subject matter, of course, everyone is looking at Jhené’s ex-boyfriend Big Sean sideways and figuring her vitriol is directed toward him. Aiko claims that isn’t the case, however, but we happen to think she needs more people.

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The diminutive songstress does not hold back on the song that she calls, “a moment of talking s**t out of frustration and passion.” Her sweet voice belies the venom in lyrics like, “You are my enemy, you are no friend of mine, muhf**ka / You muhf**king right, you muhf**king right I’m bitter / You muhf**king right I’m triggered.” But after calling him everything but a child of God, she soon admits that she wishes he was still around. “Fall back eventually / Please call me back eventually / Fall back into me,” she pleads. Jhené is a woman torn between hate, love and lust, which is a strange albeit familiar place to find yourself in after a breakup as you wrestle with your emotions. One minute she wants to kiss his face and the next she’s ready to catch a case.

Jhené dropped the “Triggered (freestyle)” single simultaneously with a music video. The visual is a one-camera, single-shot shoot with the focus on the singer standing on some rocky terrain at dusk. The setting could be seen as a metaphor for her love life, or maybe she just wanted to keep it simple instead of flipping tables and tearing ish up like she wants to do in the song. The contrast between the video and the song is quite striking. Jhené is both the calm and the storm.

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