C.H.Ξ.S.S. Has Returned, Just So He Can 'Throw (It) Back'

Photo Credit: JCKA Fotos/Jonnieface

When he's not singing down the house on a Broadway stage, we're used to hearing Chester Gregory's silky croon give us a new appreciation for some classic tunes. But after taking some time off to reflect and refocus, he's back to making music as C.H.Ξ.S.S. with a bold new sound and a fresh outlook on his music career. As he prepares to release the first official album under his revamped alias, he's whetting our appetite with an infectious new track called "Throw (It) Back."

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Irresistible thumps from a bass drum coupled with the vivacious smack of hi-hats set the tone for the uptempo groove. While the song speaks of finding "the one," C.H.Ξ.S.S. isn't waxing romantic here. In fact, he's downright blunt as he reminds listeners that there are "too many fish in the sea" to settle for just any kind of love. "I take a leap into the ocean deep searching for a sure treasure that I can keep. But I don't want nothing shiny and new. I want a love that's tried, tested and true. Until I finally set my sights, I reserve the right to throw it back." As you can see, our boy is not here for your games.

C.H.Ξ.S.S. admits that he's been wanting to do something that authentically and artistically reflects who he is and what he wants to say. The recording hiatus gave him the clarity he needed. So much so, that he already has a vision for his next three albums. We can't wait to hear more of his unapologetic approach to making music. For now, though, you can find us putting in work on the dance floor while we listen to "Throw (It) Back." Stream the song below, then keep scrolling for a sneak peak of the music video directed by Azzie Scott. Afterwards, support this independent artist by purchasing the track via iTunes or Google Play.

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