The Amours Take Us On A Love Rollercoaster On 'Mon Amour'

The Amours are all about love on their new EP Mon Amour. It makes perfect sense since the word "amour" is French for "love" that the duo chose that subject as the central theme for their debut project. The EP isn't all roses and heart eye emojis, though. Sisters Jakiya Ayanna and Shaina Aisha sing about the peaks and valleys of love from falling in it to falling out of it.

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Mon Amour begins with the falling in love with the sweetness of "All The Time" where the ladies are downright giddy while caught up in the newness. That sweet soon turns a little sour on the title track "Mon Amour" as they kiss that love goodbye and wish him well as they send him on his way. From there they sing an extraordinary lover's praises on "Ordinary." PJ Morton's stamp is all over this track on the synths to the background ad-libs.

The ladies switch gears sonically and thematically on "I'm Good Luv, Enjoy" where they commence to curve a dude and introduce Auto-Tuned vocals over a trap-meets-R&B beat into the mix. One of the sisters even drops a hot 16 on the track to show us that The Amours got bars. They return to their straight outta heaven harmonies on "Runaway," which finds them coming to the realization that they've gotta leave a relationship as a form of self-care. They close the set with "Billionaire" and are back in love, singing about a significant other that makes them feel like a billionaire.

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At less than 15 minutes in length, Mon Amour is a brief but very enjoyable and satisfying listen. With no filler, it's extremely fulfilling and but a sample of what The Amours are capable of. They've taken listeners on a love rollercoaster with Mon Amour, and we already can't wait for another ride.

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