SoulBounce Exclusive: Get Lost In The Visuals For Soia's 'Vacant Paradise'

Austrian songstress Soia came correct last month with the release of her album Where Magnolia Grows. While the album has more than its fair share of jams, it also has songs with a message, including alt-R&B jam "Vacant Paradise." The song becomes the latest in her stream of arresting visuals and we here at SoulBounce are happy to bring it to you exclusively today.

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"Vacant Paradise" is all about going inside to escape the forces both outside and from within that ensnare us. Though those things hold us hostage, she reminds us in the lyrics that though they might trap our bodies, they cannot have our minds. She revisits that idea quite creatively in the track's video. While showing flashes of items that might be symbolically used to imprison us, she takes on the role of both a woman running toward her freedom and an eclectic goddess watching over it all as she sings the song, reminding us that once we find or own personal freedom "no, they can't take it away."

"Like the whole theme of the album, 'Vacant Paradise' is a form of escapism from outer and inner shackles on different levels, which are symbolized by tokens like a piece of wire fence or a snake," Soia said of the the video's meaning. "Segregation vs. inner freedom, that 'cannot be taken away,' flight vs. the holy land, whose 'soil is soaked in red.' Full of biblical metaphors and still sadly up to datethis is a tale of occupation and segregation and the never-ending search for everyone’s personal paradise."

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You can check out the video for "Vacant Paradise" below and pick up your own copy of Where Magnolia Grows at various digital retailers. If you'd like to continue keeping up with the talented vocalist, follow her on Facebook, Instagram and SoundCloud.

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