Solange Takes Us 'Home' Once Again With Videos For 'Things I Imagined/Down With The Clique' & 'Beltway'

When Solange dropped her recent When I Get Home, she released a subsequent short film companion piece featuring each song from the record. There was only one problem: it was an Apple Music exclusive. Thankfully, Solo's been releasing the project piecemeal on YouTube for those who've pledged their dollars to another music service. She's released three clips from the short so far, which appears to be akin to the art installation vibe given by HBO's Random Acts Of Flyness but with a Houston sensibility. Now Solo hits us with a double whammy, dropping a double video for "Things I Imagined/Down With The Clique" and "Beltway."

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Many scratched their head at repetitive album opener "Things I Imagined," but when paired with the visual of Solange moving in fluid motion with a dancer covered from head to toe is sparkling beaded fringe, it takes on an otherworldly quality. Coupled with the other ongoing visual themes going on throughout (the black aesthetic, black cowboys, the symbolism of circles), the song starts to make a little more sense. We're transported from there into the cityscape of Downtown Houston before making a stop at Dallas City Hall for "Down With The Clique," where Solo and her crew dress in head-to-toe black and put on for Texas. Solo gets her boot-scootin' boogie on as the dancers move intricately behind and around her before getting a chance to mob on their own.

"Beltway" is altogether different. The majority of the video features a background of sparkling lights arranged in a circular pattern (there go those circles again) as what appears to be text conversation flashes on the screen. What's the convo about? Directions to Prairie View A&M University, an HBCU just outside of Houston. The significance of the text as it relates to the song isn't really clearly explained, but the film's themes are once again reinforced as we see a futuristic black cowboy trotting along an empty road on his horse and images that throw back to what we saw in "Things I Imagined/Down With Clique."

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At this rate, Solange will probably release the entirety of the short film on YouTube before the month is up, though we're kind of enjoying getting the picture piece by piece. Check out the latest below.

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