Lizzo's Got The 'Juice' On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' & On New Album 'Cuz I Love You'

Last night Lizzo paid Jimmy Kimmel Live! a visit to let everyone know that she had an album dropping today and that it was not a drill. And, if you had a question of whether you should check out, she showed and proved she had the “Juice.”

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Rocking a Crenshaw hockey jersey from Nipsey Hussle's Marathon clothing line in the fallen rapper's honor, Lizzo and her dancers lit up the stage with her anthemic bop. She started her set seated center stage with one of her dancers actually braiding her hair and attaching a ponytail. Lizzo was unbothered as ever while singing and holding a red Solo cup. Once her hair was did, she got up and was joined by more dancers who quickly got in the groove. That groove changed when she switched the beat up on the bridge of the track to bring some '90s West Coast hip-hop flavor leading everyone to C-Walk and go off.

Speaking of going off, Lizzo does just that on her major label debut, Cuz I Love You. The title and project refer to the artist’s own journey towards self-acceptance and this is the rousing soundtrack. While we know Lizzo as the fearless, flamboyant diva on stage, Cuz I Love You tells the story of how Lizzo, born Melissa Jefferson got to that point. Each song on the album is inspired by her summer in therapy, learning how to love herself and become the self-love, body positive icon we know and love today. The album represents Lizzo giving herself a big momma hug, essentially. The project features the aforementioned lead single “Juice,” the Missy Elliott dance number “Tempo,” the title track and even a song with East Atlanta Santa Gucci Mane who guests on “Exactly How I Feel.” Lizzo covers all bases from the dance floor to the bedroom on Cuz I Love You while she belts from her heart to yours.

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Get into Lizzo’s late-night performance and listen to her most personal album to date below.

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