Don't Kill Khalid's Vibe, Let Him Be A 'Free Spirit'

Khalid's Free Spirit is barely two weeks old, but it has already reached a milestone that its predecessor wasn't able to accomplish. The growing buzz generated by singles like "Better," "Saturday Nights," "My Bad," "Self" and "Talk" paved the way for the sophomore set to premiere at the top of the Billboard 200, surpassing the chart success of his 2017 debut American Teen. The album's visuals have also had a major impact; perhaps none more than the short film that bears its name. It makes sense, then, that Khalid chooses to give us an extended trailer (of sorts), as the official video for title track "Free Spirit."

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The movie Free Spirit initially premiered a few days ahead of the album release. But for those who weren't able to catch the flick at their local theater, the "Free Spirit" video is an interesting peek into Khalid and director Emil Nava's vision. The clip centers on a motley crew of high school friends enjoying their fleeting pre-graduation days as carefree kids (hanging out, going to prom, that sort of thing). Amidst all the laughter and hugs, we begin to see hints that life isn't quite so rosy for these kids. Eventually, the group embarks on a road trip in a customized vintage Chevy Van – a decision that will change the course of their lives forever.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Khalid revealed that "Free Spirit" was the song that took the longest to write. In fact, he didn't fully complete it until a couple of months ago. "I wanted to make sure I wrote the title track after the album was done. I feel like it's better to wrap everything up and find the common theme," he reflected. "Free Spirit is those first few steps into the world, when you realize that the world is not as easy as you planned it to be. In high school, we all have an idea of everything we want to achieve, but we don't really accept the fact that it's hard. Life is hard, moving on is hard, growing up is hard. That's why a lot of people get comfortable and they find themselves stagnant. I didn't want to do that."

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Watch the "Free Spirit" video below, then carve out some time to watch the full movie to see how it all unfolds. Free Spirit is currently available via Khalid's website and wherever good music is sold. Additionally, the artist has expanded his Free Spirit Tour to include parts of Europe, Australia and New Zealand in the fall.  Follow Khalid on Twitter and Instagram for tour details/updates and visit his store to show your love for the album with some cool merch.

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