Tony Momrelle Is ‘Rising Up’ With A New Single & Label Venture

We’re already three months into the new year and there are already tons of resolutions that have fallen by the wayside. Whether it be to finally hit the gym or just to do better in general, the distractions of everyday life or a lack of tangible results can make it easy for motivation to wane. Luckily for the uninspired, singer Tony Momrelle has returned with “Rising Up,” a new single that provides the added boost someone may need to push through.

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On the song, Momrelle flexes his standout vocal skills on this inspirational anthem about rising above the fray to claim victory. Punctuated by some ultra funky horns and a driving, ’70s-inspired beat, “Rising Up” is the pep talk we all need from time-t0-time. “‘Rising Up’ is a song about shaking off the old and embracing the new, letting go of things, situations & even people that may hold you back,” Momrelle explains in a statement. “It’s a song for the soul, a song of self realisation.”

Momrelle certainly knows all about taking new risks and harnessing his own power. “Rising Up” is not only the first single from upcoming album, but it also serves as the first single from his new record label venture, Vibe45 Records with distribution through AWAL. Although he has over 20 years in the game under his belt, this marks the first time that the British crooner is taking his solo career fully into his own hands and on his own terms. Take this song for a spin and see if it doesn’t leave you ready to take on the world.

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