SoulBounce Exclusive: Xavier White Wants You To Know That ‘It’s Only You (Baby)’

Fans of Disclosure will immediately latch onto Xavier White‘s song “It’s Only You (Baby).” The New York City-based singer fills the dance floor much like the Lawrence brothers with his musings about love set to thumping electro R&B production by Paul Couture. The frequent collaborators join forces on their first track together of 2019 with mighty fine results.

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White lovingly sings to an old flame about the spark that was once there. However, there might still be a flicker between them, though, as he sings, “It’s been a long time, but I care for you / So tell me if I’m still on your mind,” on the chorus like a man who wants that old thing back. “This one is about the one who got away; we all have that one,” Xavier tells us about the song’s concept. “The one that makes you think in the back of your head — what if we just tried one more time to make the relationship work?”

In the music video for “It’s Only You (Baby)” we don’t get to see that relationship in action, but Xavier does share some screentime with three gorgeous dancers. While he pours his nostalgic heart out, the ladies vamp it up and flex their moves for the camera to Couture’s high energy-beat in an underground club.

“It’s Only You (Baby)” might be Xavier White’s first release of the year, but it won’t be his last with his EP Love Questions coming soon. While we wait for that to drop, feast your eyes on SoulBounce’s exclusive world premiere of the song’s video and clear some dance floor space when you do. Keep an eye out for more music and moves from Xavier White on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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