Solange Has A Personal Twerk Session In 'Binz'

Solange has made it clear that she gives not nary a f**k about what others might think when it comes to her art. In fact, in "Binz," the latest video from her much-talked-about new effort When I Get Home, she offers up all the carefree black girl joy you can stand and then some.

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"Binz" itself is a celebration of finding joy in the little things in life, which Solo names with glee alongside The-Dream in the song's verses (with the big takeaway being that their "dollas never show up on CP time"). In the short clip for the video, Solange flies solo. Well, actually, she twerks...a lot. The clip starts with her setting up her phone (or judging by the grainy quality, maybe even a webcam) before she gets to work. As the song's slinky synths and heavy bass play, she pops, drops and throws that thang in a circle to the beat with a wide grin on her face. Why is she doing this? Who knows and, honestly, who cares? With all the dark headlines currently overtaking the news cycle, who can be mad at Solo serving us up a twerk and a smile?

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