Mario Looks Back Over His Life In ‘Care For You’

Mario reflects on his youth, good times and even some bad in the music video for the heartfelt ballad “Care For You.” The visual for the song divides its time between grown-up Mario in present day with flashbacks of him as a child and a teenager. In between those scenes, the singer/actor is joined by the younger versions of himself in therapy-like counseling sessions.

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At the clip’s onset, we see young Mario riding shotgun in a car with his mom. The tyke busies himself with an action figure as his mom drives. Their excursion seems innocent enough until she parks the car and jumps out to go make a street transaction with a corner boy. That unfortunate moment is balanced in the next scene where they have fun laughing and singing in their living room. They also share a tender moment when she gives him a necklace with a decorative pendant. Fast forward some years, and we now see teenage Mario hanging with a PYT who actually favors a younger version of his mother, who is no longer around. Teen Mario also rocks the same necklace and pendant as he goes about his life, writing songs and recording as he tries to figure life out. Adult Mario not only counsels his younger selves, but he’s seen in the background of their lives almost like a guardian angel, watching over them and ultimately himself.

“Care For You” is the second single from Mario’s fifth studio album, Dancing Shadows, which after numerous delays finally saw the light of day this past October. He took a break from promoting the album to star in Rent: Live on FOX in January, but now he’s back at it along with being back on the road as a part of B2K‘s The Millennium Tour coming to an arena near you.

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