Leikeli47 Pulls No Shots In ‘No Reload’

When it comes to her videos, Leikeli47 has become known for mixing styles that aren’t traditionally put together. Whether it be the brightly colored gangsta gleam of “Girl Blunt,” the androgynous thuggery of “Tic Boom” or the fashion-forward ratchet of “M I L K,” the Brooklyn-based artist is always going to give you something to look at. The same can be said for the latest video to come from her sophomore set Acrylic, “No Reload.”

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“No Reload” picks up stylistically where “Tic Boom” left off. The video consists of mainly two sets, one with an all-white backdrop and the other with an all-black one. However, unlike her previous video, she keeps this one a completely black-and-white affair and actually makes an appearance. Donning a new take on her signature balaclava — this one adorned with sparkly crystals where eyelashes would be — Leikeli gets to put on her gulliest of demeanors as she lets it be known that she ain’t with the bulls**t. Helping her add some visual appeal to the proceedings is a single dancer who moves to the beat and mouths the lyrics in scenes that are interspersed with Leikeli rapping about the power of saying no to those attempting to take advantage.

Seeing as this video is mostly no-frills, there isn’t much else to say about it — other than you should watch it, of course. Do just that when you press play below.

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