Jordin Sparks & Elijah Blake Offer Us Their ‘Real Love’

While she’s had great news in her personal life, Jordin Sparks hasn’t been in the news for her music much as of late. In fact, the last time that we reported on new music from the American Idol alum was way back in 2015. The newlywed and new mother is coming back in a big way, though, with a brand new single featuring her frequent collaborator Elijah Blake called “Real Love.”

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“Real Love” is, as expected, a love song. However, it’s not the typical ballad you’d expect from the two. They trade verses about where they were before they found each other and just where their love has taken them. “Everything I been through sorta messed my mental up but / You done’ came on in and got me all up in a trance, trust,” Jordin sings on the opening verse. “This ain’t gone’ be easy / Please, believe me, I’m a handful.” Elijah, meanwhile, elaborates on where he was when she found him, singing, “Baby when I met you I swear I didn’t have s**t / But the clothes on my back / I was just a young n***a / Know I never been rich but you loved me like that.” As they tell their stories, a hypnotic groove with a thick bass line and sparse synth melody brings it all together and sets the mood.

It seems the pair have united to form duo 199∞ this time around though it’s not clear if this is just a one off or a possible joint album/EP. Whatever it is they’re doing, we wouldn’t be mad at future collaborations between the two. Check out “Real Love” right here.

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