Summerella Gets Bitter Revenge On Her Ex In ‘Do You Miss It’

Singer, comedian, actress, writer, social media guru and all-around hustler Summer Boissiere, aka Summerella, is really out here trying to shine on everyone, and we’re not mad. First gaining fame on Vine, the entertainer has used her social media savvy to express her various talents. She jumped off her musical career in 2015 with the song “11 Something,” which reached No. 24 on Billboard’s R&B chart. Now she’s back with new single “Do You Miss It” that has been riding the airwaves.

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“Do You Miss It” interpolates the chorus of Mary J. Blige’s 1997 hit “I Can Love You” into her track. But, while that song was about unrequited love, Summerella’s take is about love lost. And she’s quite bitter about it. Lyrics like, “Y’all look so happy together / Now ain’t that all fancy and cute,” are dripping with sass and cynicism. Against a laid-back trap beat, she makes her case for being the better woman.

She brings the dramatic tale to life in the newly released music video. Directed by David Breschel and written by Lalanya Abner, the concept of the “Do You Miss It” visual is a woman scorned ex driven to the edge. While not a new or revolutionary concept, Summerella and her team have expertly executed their vision.

Summerella and her girls are having a little girls night out at a restaurant. Our girl brings up how she and her ex-man, Tayo, are just taking a little time apart. But her girls are like, “But, he got a whole girl now. What is you doin?” Summerella ain’t trying to hear it, though. But guess who strolls through? Old boy, Tayo! Summer won’t let a moment to talk to her “man” pass her by. Her girls try to stop her from the inevitable, but they just shake their heads and exclaim, “She always does this! She gets on my nerves.”

So old girl rolls up on old boy, right? Guess who he’s there with? His new girl, Autumn. Yes, Autumn. Now Summerella is shaking her head in disbelief like the little girl in the meme with the stiff wig.

In her feelings, Summerella begins reminiscing on their relationship, along with stalking Tayo at his house and throwing a brick through his storm door. She also gets a good girl gone bad makeover, dying her hair red, getting a tattoo and turning into the Dark Phoenix from the X-Men. Later, she and her girls show up to Tayo’s event where he unveils his new project. All hell breaks loose before our girl rides off in the darkness with her new boo.

“Do You Miss It” comes from Summerella’s debut EP First Day of Summer. Along with that track, the Atlanta native also samples R&B classics such as Usher’s “Superstar “ on “Groupie” and Gina Thompson’s “The Things You Do” on “Running Back.” If you haven’t yet, you should check out the EP to see how the young upstart matches up to her legendary heroes.

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