Sting & Shaggy Help Fiat Celebrate The Anniversary Of A ‘Lifetime’

It was one helluva shock when Sting and Shaggy first announced their joint album 44/876 around this time last year. One of 2018’s most surprising collabos turned out to be a truly enjoyable project and can now boast GRAMMY success, earning the duo an award for Best Reggae Album earlier this month. Now the Englishman and Mr. Boombastic are doing the unexpected once again, this time partnering with Fiat – through their song “Just One Lifetime” – for a new advertising campaign to celebrate the carmaker’s 120th anniversary.

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The original video for the breezy, thought-provoking tune premiered last August and immediately captured our attention with a delightfully animated tale. Now, famed music video director Joseph Khan brings a new concept to life, piquing our curiosity with an unusual Groundhog Day-style dream sequence. A woman wakes up and begins her morning routine, only to find herself in unfamiliar surroundings with Sting, Shaggy and the band. As she panics and tries to escape, she’s suddenly back in bed, waking up to start another wacky day. Khan’s seamless integration of the Fiat 500 Family 120th Edition into the film (including a quirky wink to their famed Panda models) makes for a perfect marriage of music and marketing.

Watch the new visuals for “Just One Lifetime” below, then keep scrolling to see another Fiat cameo in the video for “Gotta Get Back My Baby,” featuring French rapper/singer Maître Gims. Additionally, Sting & Shaggy have just announced a series of intimate UK concerts from May 19th-25th. Visit Sting’s website for details and follow Shaggy on Twitter for updates on other forthcoming projects.


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