SoulBounce Exclusive: Ignabu Encourages Us All To 'Embrace Love'

Photo Credit: Jake Magraw

We're in some of the most divisive times that we've ever seen, with world leaders espousing rhetoric to further inflame tensions and stoke the flames of strife long-simmering the world over. Amid all this, drummer/multi-instrumentalist Ignabu — a.k.a Cinque Kemp — has this to ask: "What if everyone in the world thought about the same thing for one second? And what if that thing was love?" That's the focus of his beautiful new single and video "Embrace Love Vol. 2."

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The song, a continuation of "Embrace Love" from Ignabu's debut EP Semenarche, is a celebration of universal love. The song is filled with intricate drum patterns, horns and chants that give the affair an African feel. However, not a word is spoken by Ignabu himself. Instead, he opts to use snippets of audio from the likes of Maya Angelou and others to bring home the importance of loving yourself and your fellow man. It's a concept carried over into the video, which was co-directed by him and choreographer Anna Matuszewski. In the clip, Ignabu is surrounded by a multiethnic crew of dancers as he drums away. While each dancer is featured doing their own unique thing, they have no issue coming together in dance and song to provide a greater whole (it's also not lost on us that they are lead by a rambunctious child whose energy is undeniably infectious).

According to Ignabu, "Embrace Love Vol. 2" is "an attempt to steer focus towards letting love be at the helm of all of our endeavors. While darkness is necessary for there to be light, luminescence cast upon strife allows for clarity."

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The artist is currently working on his sophomore EP Menarche, which "Embrace Love Vol. 2" is taken from, and hopes to bring it to us sometime this year. In the meantime, view the jubilant video right here and keep up with him via his website for more updates.

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