Jessie Ware Tells The World About Her Love With ‘Adore You’

It seems like a lot of artists we love are looking to reconnect on this day of love.  That includes one of our UK faves Jessie Ware. Last time we checked in, the expectant mother was working “Overtime” on our musical behalf. Now that Valentine’s Day is upon us, however, she wants us to know how she feels with her latest single “Adore You.”

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As with “Overtime,” Jessie goes back to her electronic roots, this time with an assist from producer Joseph Mount. He laces her with a synth-heavy backdrop that begins airy and delicate but swells with emotion and sound as the song progresses. This allows Jessie to swoon and sway as she recounts a love that feels like falling every time. “I think I’m falling for you / And I know that I adore you,” she sings in the lead up to the song’s repetitive chorus. Soon after, she expresses that she wants to share that love with the entire world, assuring her lover that “we can tell everybody.”

Whether you’re new to love or share a lifelong bond with that special someone, “Adore You” is a song that anyone can snuggle up or groove to. Make it part of your V-Day playlist when you take a listen right here.

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