Amerie Has Something For The ‘Curious’

Amerie pulled a fast one on us last year when she went and dropped her double-EP release of 4AM Mulholland and After 4AM. The October releases had fans of the singer wondering what the “1 Thing” singer had in store after years away from the game. Though we didn’t absolutely love everything we heard, the set did have a few jams, including steamy sloe-burner “Curious.” The cut now has the distinction of being the first video released from the projects.

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Things are pretty simple in the video trratment. Amerie basically gives the camera a few lingering stares to convey the song’s sentiments. It’s not a novel approach, but it’s definitely an effective one. It also helps that her lips are coated in the reddest of red lipstick and she’s only wearing a white two-piece bikini that her body seems to want to burst out of. She takes advantage of the fact that we’re staring (you know you are, don’t deny it) and smolders like a slow-burning flame. And given the video’s use of the color white and the inclusion of smoke, we’d even dare say that she’s selling us a white-hot fantasy. Sure, we can tell that the budget here was probably limited and they had to make due, but the visual accomplishes its goal of getting us hot, bothered and curious about how Amerie can put it down.

Satisfy your own curiosity by checking out “Curious” below.

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