Tiffany Evans Shakes Off Her Ex On 'Switch Up'

Sometimes, people can get used to you being in their corner, even when they don’t give you the same love and support. That’s when you have to switch up on them and let them know you can do bad – or, better yet, really good – by yourself. Tiffany Evans shows us how on her new single.

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“Switch Up” is a mid-tempo bop about moving on from a no-good, dirty, lying boyfriend. In fact, Tiff is bragging about how quickly she can leave him alone and start acting single single. “Hol' up / What's poppin'/ Can we roll up / In the lobby / F**k it, I just wanna get lit / On some real s***t / Lemme show you how I switch up on em' real quick,” Evans sings. The artist mostly freestyled the lyrics to the track, which helps keep the groove carefree instead of weighted down by the seriousness of a break-up.

In the self-directed video for the track, Tiffany takes some time to enjoy her newfound freedom. The clip begins with a short skit. Tiff is working her shift at the Village Coffee House, chatting with her co-workers about breaking up with her man, to which they exclaim, “Good!” Soon the crew comes through, and her manager, played by Wild N’ Out’s Karlous Miller, tells them they can clock out if they want to socialize. But he ain’t said nothin’ but a thang, as Evans and crew get their roll on. Walking through East Atlanta, Tiff and her girls hit a few 8-counts with choreographer Anthony Marques. The video ends with Tiff getting cozy on the couch with someone, as the screen fades to black with the message, “To Be Continued…”

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Tiffany Evans is currently putting the finishing touches on her new album, her first full-length project since 2015’s All Me. Rumored to be working with T-Pain, her new music promises to be more raw and vulnerable than her past work. While the singer hasn’t put out any albums recently, she’s remained in the limelight with the release of various loosies and covers. She’s flipped tracks from Janet Jackson to Jacquees to Ella Mai. Now she's switching things up with something light, refreshing and all her.

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