The SoulBounce Q&A: Estelle Talks 'Lovers Rock,' Reggae Music & Her Inspirations

Photo Credit: James Anthony

Estelle may be one of the most underrated artists out today, but the GRAMMY Award-winning singer of “American Boy” fame made a huge splash in the music world in 2018 with the release of Lovers Rock, an album inspired by the love story of her parents (who separated when the singer was three years old and reunited when she was 23, ultimately getting married when she was 33) and which draws on Afrobeats, reggae and dancehall music for its eclectic and moody vibe.

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Perhaps some of the ambiguity regarding Estelle stems from the fact that she does not easily fit into any single musical category or box, but the singer shares that she’s okay with that. “I don’t have many thoughts on where I fit into any one genre. I just do what I do and as a woman it doesn’t make much difference to my male counterparts, the ones I’ve collaborated with get it and join the party,” says the Grenadian/Senegalese artist. Having just wrapped an international tour leg with Usher and on the heels of the success of her collaboration with singer Luke James for the single “So Easy,” Estelle is content to make music that moves her and that she believes will resonate with others, whether or not she ultimately achieves commercial success as an R&B artist. Of the genre, the English songbird says, “I do love all of the R&B artists that are carrying the genre forward. It’s a beautiful thing to see and I believe their legacy will be remembered in this period.” SoulBounce caught up with Estelle to discuss her music, her inspirations and what she wants her musical legacy to be.

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