Teedra Moses Gives The Story Behind Her ‘Backstroke’ On Issa Rae’s ‘pieces’

Just yesterday we showcased part of Issa Rae‘s new artist-focused series pieces with a performance from songstress Teedra Moses, watching the singer perform her seminal single “Be Your Girl.” Today, we’re getting another piece (pun) of the performance, which comes with a hilarious story. Teedra decided to perform “Backstroke” for her episode but made it clear before she used her good vocals that the song is nothing for men to be proud of. “Listen to the lyrics,” she urged. “I’m calling you a dumba**. I’m saying you have nothing valuable about yourself but your penis!” The tidbit expectedly caused laughter from the audience as she and her band began the song.

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Once she started singing, though, the audience was putty in her hands. The crowd, consisting of mostly women, were all mesmerized and sang along to the single’s seductive instrumental. Teedra then made us all believe the single is complimentary with her vocals even though we now know the truth when we listen closely. As you keep listening, be sure to also look closely and see if you can catch SoulBounce fave Durand Bernarr providing expert background vocals.

You can only watch Teedra’s full performance if you become a patron of Issa Rae Presents via Patreon. We highly recommend that you do. If you’re OK with getting just pieces of the performance and Teedra instead, watch her performance of “Backstroke” right here.

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