SuCh Wants It All ‘Before Dark’

Last year, when she took on and masterfully revamped John Legend’s mega-hit “Ordinary People,” we were hoping that there was more to come from singer/songwriter SuCh. It had been quite a few years since we deemed the Boston-born, NY-bred beauty Bounce-Worthy and her albums Stretch Marks and Trial and Error, which featured the single “Sugar Maple,” left us wanting more. It seems the musical gods were listening, as her latest single “Before Dark” was well worth the wait. Over a deeply sensual groove, she sings of the yearning to prolong the passion between lovers before their inevitable departure from one another. The track exquisitely captures all the feels of those who achingly count the minutes when they are apart from their loved one, whether it’s for a few months or a few hours.

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It seems the Denver-based soulstress drew inspiration from a long-distance college romance for her latest offering. She said of the track, “This song is what it felt like when he hugged me right before he had to leave after a visit: warm, deep, lush. It’s about the urgency and intimacy that permeated each moment, not wasting time since we knew we had precious little of it.” Even though most will gravitate to the romance and relatability of the track, she confesses to a certain hope-filled sensitivity associated with releasing new music. She likens sharing one’s art to having a baby. She explained, “You want everyone in the world to think it’s cute and beautiful and perfect. I hope you love my latest baby as much as I do. I hope you download and listen to it, I hope you dance to it. I hope you make love to it…and for some of you, make actual babies! Ha!”

Give SuCh’s “Before Dark” a spin below and savor the time spent with the one you love. Also keep an eye out for her new EP, which is due out this spring, follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and sign up for updates on her website, as she vows to begin touring as soon as the new project is complete.

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