Catch More Of Jazmine Sullivan's 'pieces' With Performances Of 'Insecure' & 'Let It Burn'

We really hope that you've checked out Issa Rae's new web series pieces. Like A Sippieces offers insights into the lives and times of our faves. Jazmine Sullivan is the subject of the inaugural episode and she gives Issa and her fans very candid and detailed stories about her life and the inspiration behind some of her most loved songs. While that should be enough for you to go ahead and spend a little change to see for yourself, we understand that you might want a little bit more to know it's worth your cash. Issa's got you covered in that arena, too, offering up two performances from the episode for the free to show you what you might be missing.

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Of course, since Jazmine's duet "Insecure" appears on the Season 2 soundtrack of Issa's show of the same name, it's one of the clips that she's sharing with the masses. In the video, we learn that the singer is actually a big fan of Issa's and has been since Awkward Black Girl days. We also discover that she wrote the song after binge-watching the series and decided to put a female spin on the subject matter that's usually shown from the male perspective. She delivers a searing performance of the track, opting to trail off just before Bryson Tiller (who wasn't in attendance for the event) would do his part.

We're also treated to a performance of Reality Show hit "Let It Burn." The love song which samples After 7's "Ready Or Not" seems straightforward enough, but Jazzy once again offers keen insight into the circumstances around the song's creation. The most shocking revelation is that she almost never finished it. "I got to the verse and the hook and I was like, 'Uh, I don't's alright." She then goes on to reflect on us being "our greatest critics" and offering up a lesson on pushing through even when it seems hard. With the soulful live take she offers of the track here, we're more than happy that she decided to finish what she started.

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Speaking of finishing what one starts, go ahead a get your preview on with the clips from pieces below. However, after you're done, make sure you support a sista and make more episodes possible by contributing to the Issa Rae Productions Patreon.

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