DAWN Aims To Get You Drippin’ In ‘sauce’

DAWN has once again proven that she’s that chick with the release of her new album new breed. The set is packed with jam after jam as the singer-songwriter continues to expand what R&B can sound like with her future-leaning take on the genre. While we can’t stop listening to the album as a whole, the track that keeps us coming back for more, again and again, is the sexually charged banger “sauce.” Making it even more tantalizing is the new video that DAWN’s dropped that somehow amps up the sultry ante several notches.

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The video starts as the camera slowly pans down to reveal not only the singer’s body but also that she’s had letters spelling out her new album’s title braided into a single, floor-grazing braid. From there, DAWN turns up the smolder factor while rocking revealing ‘fits and riding the hell out of a mechanical bull. However, while titillation is definitely on the menu here, so is the singer’s artistic expression. There’s not a shot in the Monty Marsh-directed clip that doesn’t seem thought out from every possible tantalizing angle, making this one a treat for eyes in way more ways than one.

We highly recommend that you get yourself some of DAWN’s “sauce” by feasting your eyes below. And while you’re there, feel free to stream new breed in its entirety as well.

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