Bobby V Still Wants To Be ‘King’ Of R&B

Bobby V is still vying for the title of King of R&B after the conversation was sparked by one Jacquees. While the chatter around R&B kings has somewhat dissipated at this point, Bobby V felt the need to show us exactly how he feels in his latest video for the single “King Me.” He released the track a few weeks ago to let us know his qualifications for the job and now he’s showing us.

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The new visuals are a collage of Bobby V’s resume, which he eloquently sings in the track. The minute we start watching the video, we see a young Bobby V at talent shows, singing and playing instruments, laying the foundation for his path to R&B royalty. We later see him singing in the studio, which ushers in a collage of old videos and GRAMMY nods he thought we forgot about. Throughout the visuals Bobby V stunts on us in the studio and in the streets, riding around in a luxury vehicle and running through his accomplishments.

Watch the video closely to see the likes of 2 Chainz, Bobby Brown, Jamie Foxx, Ludacris, 50 Cent and more. Also check out the new visuals to see if Bobby V can convince you to finally pass him the crown with “King Me.”

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