Tori Kelly & Lecrae Show Off Their ‘Masterpiece’ Live In DC

We already know that Tori Kelly has pipes and talent for days, but she showed us an entirely different side this year with her inspirational album Hiding Place. The album found her tapping into her Christian roots and collaborating with a few notable folks, including Kirk Franklin and rapper Lecrae. Tori has also been thrilling her fans while hitting the road on tour. If you want to see what her live show is like, you’re in luck as the singer-songwriter has released a live video of her and Lecrae performing uplifting track “Masterpiece” from a recent tour stop in DC.

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Dressed smartly in flowing pants and studded leather jacket draped over her shoulders, Tori performed to a packed house. She held her own, of course, with audience hanging onto her every note and word as she sang about finding the blessings in mistakes and the beauty in flaws. And when invited guest Lecrae took the stage, the crowd went up even more as the two joined forces to give their praise and share their joy.

As we close the year and begin to start 2019, the message of “Masterpiece” is an important one to take in. Watch Tori and Lecrae bring their message and music to the DC crowd in the clip below.

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