The SoulBounce Q&A: Tamar Braxton Gets Real About Her New Love, Co-Parenting, ‘Family Values’ & Next Moves

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SoulBounce: What’s been the highlight, or the best part, of your 2018?

Tamar Braxton: You know, I’ve actually had a lot of highlights. I met a gorgeous, real-life “T-Challa” [King of Wakanda], and that’s been going amazing. And you know, a lot of people would think this is negative, but I kinda fell really, really low with my family, but the low was a blessing in disguise for all of us to really come together and be closer than we’ve ever been in our lives. What else? A lot of good things! I’ve been able to explore more television options, because I’ve been contractually unavailable, and so this year a lot of things are opening up for me and I have a lot of great surprises that I’m excited about. And I have an amazing, healthy little boy who is crazy! How about that!

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SB: How are you dealing with co-parenting your son with your ex, Vincent Herbert?

TB: Well, here’s the thing. Logan is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He is a miracle baby in every sense of the word. Every day he shows me that God is real and when you go to church and rely on him, he’s going to make it all great, because I have an amazing son. He doesn’t give me any trouble, he’s very smart, he’s very witty, he’s funny… co-parenting with Vince is easy. I thought it was going to be hard at first, I’m not even going to lie, because we didn’t know what our roles would be, but now it’s easy. He can call me about anything, I can call him about anything. There’s no arguing, nobody’s trying to be slick or smart. I’m taking Logan out of the country for Christmas and he’s cool with it! It’s beautiful. It really is. Because Vince and I started out being best friends, and sometimes with friends you can get comfortable falling back into the friend zone, and forgetting that you really have to nourish and work on your relationship. There was a lot of things that was said about our relationship that was simply not true, and so we kind of bonded over that – coming together and being friends over that and helping each other with all of the public things that were talked about that wasn’t true. So that really helped a lot.

SB: So are you officially divorced from Vincent?

TB: No, I’m not officially divorced, but in a couple of weeks thank you Jesus praise God I can totally be “T-Challa’s”… we’re in California, and we have a kid, and it takes a long time, but we are legally separated and have been legally separated for a year, so we’re just waiting on the paperwork to go through.

SB: Vincent played such a major role in your career, are you still working with him on a professional level?

TB: I consult with him about a few things, but no, we don’t work together professionally, and I just think it’s to keep the air clear between us so we can have a healthy relationship for our son.

SB: When I interviewed you a few years ago, you’d just had Logan and I asked you if you wanted to have any more kids, and you weren’t really feeling the idea. Has that changed?

TB: I totally lied! I wish I would’ve had three to seven kids [laughter]. I grew up in a big family, so having one kid is different for me, you know? I don’t want him to have to depend on me to have fun or depend on other people to be entertained, you know what I mean? Like, you have your siblings, you wake up with your siblings, you go to bed with your siblings – and he just doesn’t have that, so that mommy guilt is really thick in that area, but you know, I hope to get remarried again and I hope to start a family and have more kids. Absolutely.

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