Joyce Wrice Contemplates What A Relationship Could Be On ‘Blurred Lines’

Navigating relationships in this hyper-connected age is unexpectedly complicated. Technology just doesn’t adapt to the nuances that come with romance and we’ve all become a bit neurotic when it comes to love. Rising indie R&B star Joyce Wrice addresses an aspect of this with her latest single “Blurred Lines.”

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The singer, who first came to our attention with her hypnotic track “Rocket Science,” cautions a lover who’s trying to rock the boat to let things progress naturally. Though whatever is going on between them is pretty ambiguous, Joyce assures that pushing for more would just confuse things further. “Why fix what ain’t broken? / Just don’t think so much right now,” she sings before the first chorus. “It won’t make no sense anyway.” Helping keep things rather chill is the song’s musical backdrop. There’s not much going on other than faint piano, drums and vocal samples, making the track feel immediately intimate. Joyce’s wispy voice glides over the production like a feather, the contrast creating a tension that makes this quite the interesting listen.

While things about the relationship at the center of this cut seem unclear, we are very clear about one thing: we need a proper debut from this budding star. We’ll take what we can get, though, especially with something that sounds as smooth as what she’s bringing on “Blurred Lines.” Take a listen to the track yourself when you hit that play button below.

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