Ego Ella May Embraces The Single Life On ‘Table For One’

Long before we started slow-jamming to “Naked,” “Boo’d Up” and “Trip,” another Brit named Ella blessed our playlists with soulful tunes that kept us coming back for more. But just as her career began moving to the next level, she stepped away from the spotlight to focus on mental health and self-care. Now, after a three-year break, Ego Ella May is back with new music and a new record deal with Tru Thoughts.

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To celebrate her return, the label has re-released a loosie called “Table For One.” Initially premiered in the spring (while still an independent artist), the track “explores the empowerment to be gained from a break-up and the collateral beauty of heartbreak.” Lyrically birthed from a personal experience, she further explains in an interview with Dinorah Prevost, “I was so afraid to do things on my own, but my biggest fear was going out to dine alone. In my mind it was the saddest thing in the world. After I finally got used to saying ‘table for one please,’ I realised there’s nothing to it; I was holding on to a false ideal of love just to avoid saying a few words, imagine that!”

The track was recorded with live instruments during an impromptu jam session with musicians Wu-Lu (bass), Oscar Jerome (guitar), Joe Armon-Jones (keys) and Eddie Hick (drums). Ego’s exquisite voice is intoxicating, delivering emotional transparency laced with slinky soul and jazzy riffs. Letting go can be a struggle, but her vocals are effortless as she sings, “Deepak said detachment is the key to let go of who you used to be. Still, somehow, I vibrate on your wave. I tried to reprogram my mind, there’s no change.”

Don’t worry, she worked through it and is clearly in a better place now. As she puts it, “music is freeing, healing and all things good and I’m here for it.” We’re so glad to have her back, and we are loving her catharsis on “Table for One.” Watch the sparse, but stunning visuals below, then head to your favorite digital retailer to purchase the track. While we await her debut album in 2019, be sure to follow Ego Ella May on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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