DMV Bouncers: Party With SoulBounce At '#RnBLives: An R&B Soulebration' With dj harvey dent

If you follow SoulBounce on social media, then you've likely seen us using the hashtag #RnBLives over the years. Most recently, that hashtag became one of the designs in our launch collection for our online store, Shop @ SoulBounce. The #RnBLives t-shirt and sweatshirt are hot sellers and help to make the hashtag a little more tangible. Another place where we'll be bringing the hashtag to life and spreading the word that R&B is alive and thriving is at our upcoming event, #RnBLives: An R&B Soulebration.

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Spend the last Saturday night of 2018 celebrating and turning up to music from the Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses of R&B spun by none other than dj harvey dent. Expect to hear non-stop jams at #RnBLives: An R&B Soulebration, and get ready to two-step out of one year and into another as you pre-game for any New Year's Eve festivities.

Our inaugural #RnBLives party will take place at The Pitch Tavern in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, December 29th from 7 p.m. to 12 midnight. There'll be dancing, cocktails, surprises, giveaways and we'll be selling #RnBLives t-shirts (and more!) on site so that you can cop some new gear and be a part of the movement long after the party is over.

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Tickets to attend #RnBLives: An R&B Soulebration are on sale now at Eventbrite. Advance tickets are $10 through the afternoon of December 29th, then they'll be $20 at the door. Our last Soulebration for our 10th anniversary in 2017 sold out, so don't miss out on tickets this time around. Join SoulBounce in soulebrating R&B and keeping the music playing.

Click here to buy tickets, and we'll see you there!

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