Amina Buddafly & Jazz Buddafly Remain ‘Unbothered’

Amina Buddafly made big strides this year. The singer, most known for her stint on the original iteration of Love & Hip Hop (and her messy romance with Peter Gunz), stepped into her own light by finally dropping her debut album Mother. The collection had its fair share of moments, but it also featured a reunion with her twin sister Jazz Buddafly for the smooth, drama-free jam “Unbothered.” The twins have gotten together once again for the song’s easygoing video.

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“Unbothered” shows the ladies enjoying a relaxing day in their respective happy places. Amina’s curled up on her sofa with a bottle of wine and a guitar nearby. Jazz, on the other hand, is getting to know nature as she swings among the trees and hikes a few trails. Each lady luxuriates in her environment and doing their best to avoid any and all drama that may come their way — which includes phone calls that ain’t about that money or dudes trying to throw unwanted advances their way. Later in the video, the sisters finally get some time together as they share smiles and laughs with the camera before calling it a day.

With the holiday rush finally dying down and folks looking for a little chill, “Unbothered” might be just the jam folks need. Chill out and watch Amina and Jazz do their thing in below.

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