SoulBounce Exclusive: Dani Darling Navigates The New Rules Of Modern Love With '2:22'

Photo Credit: Rckybny

Being a single guy or gal in this modern kinda world ain't easy. There are so many apps, unwritten rules and miscommunications — and then there's the plain ol' foolishness. What's someone who's looking for love to do? Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Dani Darling approaches this conundrum with her new single "2:22," where she plays the woman looking for love while trying to navigate romantic uncertainty.

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"2:22" is crafted over dream-like production courtesy of Australian producer OBE, who provides Dani with a soft and sweet soundbed of lingering chords, slight synth flourishes and echoing percussion to create the perfect soundtrack for a chance encounter. Dani's honeyed vocal does the rest as she walks us through the thought process and conversation of two romantic souls meeting. She tells her story in a stream of consciousness, divulging details about something that could be love. She questions what universal force has sent him her way and what exactly this thing could be, with her random thoughts spoken alongside her vocals to create a slightly trippy effect. But the main question asked throughout the song is clear, crisp and beautifully sung: "If you're just falling through / Can I come too? / Do I know you?"

"It's like when you have a good feeling about somebody and you look for clues that it's really real...even though you already know it is," Dani said of the song's meaning. That statement is a little vague, but we're sure we'll get more answers as the video for the enchanting song is set to arrive next week. Until then, you can listen to "2:22" right here in an exclusive SoulBounce world premiere, and follow what's going on with the Michigan native via her website.

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