Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars & Kodak Black Celebrate Old School Flyness In ‘Wake Up In The Sky’

Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars and Kodak Bruno recently linked up to celebrate everything fly in their new song “Wake Up In The Sky.” Of course, with some big names behind the single, you’d expect there to be a flashy video. While the visual could have been a cliché affair with the boys making it rain in a strip club, gallivanting in a mansion or taking notes from The Roots “What They Do” video, the boys instead throw us a delightful throwback curveball. Directed by Mr. Mars himself, the video definitely follows his usual old school R&B formula. However, instead of giving us another example of his usual ‘80s flair, the singer takes things a step, or rather a decade, back to the ‘70s. The trio gives us a taste of the glitz and glamour of the era and a smidge of the showmanship of classic singers of the time. While Bruno got the moves, we’re lucky enough to get a good sway from Gucci and Kodak. But when you’re dripping with the sauce, not to mention diamonds and dollars, what else do you need?

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The clip starts with the camera panning up on Gucci wearing a long white fur coat as he gets ready for a show. It then cuts to all three performers dressed in shiny suits giving us a little shoulder bop. We then watch Gucci get ready for the show, admiring himself in the mirror while reciting his lyrics. We also see him serenading the audience as part of an R&B trio with his co-stars, singing, “Unforgettable, like Nat King Cole, Gucci Barry White…” while handing a rose to a lady in the audience, giving his best impression of an old school singer. Kodak Black, who looks like he’s been eating good in the pen and was on the opposite of Guwap’s prison workout plan, gives us a shirtless performance like he’s Isaac Hayes, but with a few less chains, while a few ladies sit in the background in a pyramid formation. Meanwhile, Bruno is happy to play the background role.

“Wake Up In The Sky” will appear on Gucci’s upcoming album, Evil Genius, due out sometime later this year. Hit play below and let us know if Gucci and gang gang gave you all the flyness you could handle.

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