Daley Forgoes Spectacle For ‘Second To None’

Daley has been giving us our lives with his 2017 set The Spectrum. However, when it comes to the visual side of things, we haven’t been getting much from the British star. Now with his The Spectrum Unplugged Tour underway, it looks like he’s looking to make things up on that end. To that effect, he’s offering  the latest visual from the set with a video for “Second To None.”

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Unlike the set’s lead video for “Until The Pain Is Gone,” Daley forgoes spectacle and narrative in “Second To None,” instead opting to make it an affair with just him and the camera. That’s not say the clip isn’t anything to look at. In fact, it’s hard to take your eyes of the singer as he sits bathed in the green neon lights. His performance transfixes the viewer as he sings each note and lyric as if he’s feeling that raw emotion for the very first time. While we would’ve definitely gone for a visual depiction of the song’s gripping love story, we honestly could imagine a visual treatment that could do the song or the curly-headed singer more justice.

As good as the clip is, it still pales in comparison to seeing Daley do his thing live. Check out the video for “Second To None” below and make sure you see the talented Mr. Daley when The Spectrum Unplugged Tour rolls into a city near you.

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