Ariana Grande Pays Homage To Classic Teen Movies & Her Ex-Baes In ‘thank u, next’ Music Video

Since the release of Ariana Grande’s single, “thank u, next,” a song about moving on from a break-up with grace and gratitude, fans have been clamoring for a video to complement the tongue-in-cheek track. Thankfully, Ariana didn’t disappoint with the visual. The concept of the video is a riff on classic teen films from the 2000s. It starts with an obvious homage to Mean Girls and ends with Legally Blonde, telling the story of a mean girl who finds the strength to move on after a break-up.

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Ariana plays the role of Regina George, the mean girl everyone loves to hate and secretly wants to be. The clip starts with her fellow students sharing rumors about her. We then get a few of the classic scenes from the movie, including a look at the burn book (with pages dedicated to the ex-boyfriends who she namechecks in the first verse), walking down the halls of the high school and the infamous Christmas dance number. Kris Jenner makes a surprise cameo as her mother, which seems way too on-brand and self-referential for the matriarch of the Kardashian clan. After a short cheerleading break that pays tribute to Bring It On, the clip progresses to Legally Blonde, giving us the infamous bend and snap scene.

Like the track, the video for “thank u, next” doesn’t dwell on the details of heartbreak, but tries to move on with grace, dignity and a good dose of humor. And, like analyzing your dating history, it’s a fun look back at times past. Hit play to watch the video below, and let us know your favorite scenes and if we missed any movies referenced in the clip.

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