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Tracy Chapman Sues Nicki Minaj Over Uncleared Sample

We haven't heard a lot from "Fast Car" singer Tracy Chapman in recent years but she recently made her presence known. However, for Nicki Minaj that's not necessarily a good thing. The singer-songwriter is reportedly suing the head Barb for using an unauthorized sample of her song "Baby Can I Hold You" on her unreleased track "Sorry." She now wants to make sure that song isn't released again and wants compensation for the unauthorized use. The song didn't make the Queen tracklist but was premiered on Funkmaster Flex's radio show ahead of the album's release. This probably wasn't the best idea for Nicki, as it seems that's part of the reason why Tracy felt the need to get litigious. She alleges that "Baby Can I Hold You" makes up half the lyrics of "Sorry" and that the song's melody is instantly recognizable in the track. In fairness to Nicki, she did try to get the sample cleared, but since Tracy said no, she should've let well enough alone. #RunThemPocketsNick

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